Setting the Standards in Plastic Refinishing

SPL Coatings Technology is located in Concord, Ontario, Canada. Although we are a Canadian company we are global in our business activities. We work on four continents and are marketing our service in two others.

Are you in any way connected with the :
Telecommunication Industry
Office/Business Equipment Industry
Banking/POS Industry
Automobile Industry

Then you WILL benefit from the SPL Refinishing System.

The SPL Refinishing System®, is the most efficient, cost-effective, system available today for coating the external panels and housings of today’s telecommunications, office and computer equipment. By having the external panels of this equipment re-coated using SPL’s patented process enables companies to restore the yellowed or surface damaged covers to a like-new appearance. This saves on the cost of acquiring new panels and the environmental cost of disposing of the old panels.